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At YesBox, we customize our stable bedding to your needs. We aim to be able to offer you a solution that is optimal for your business. Regardless of whether you have a large or a small-scale operation, we want you to be satisfied. Our aim is that you and your animals will always get the best.

» Stable bedding (standard)
» Wood shavings (standard)
» Completely dust-free bedding (deLuxe)
» Agricultural bedding

» Wood shaving pellets
» Straw pellets

» Peat bedding
» Peat in a big pack (600 kg)
» Peat mix

» Riding school bedding
» Fence posts

» Manure management
» Factors when choosing bedding

YesBox stable bedding standard

YesBox Standard

  • Good absorption
  • The grade that most farmers and horse customers know the best
  • The dust has been removed from this variety, otherwise it is the same product that comes from the planing mill.
  • Easy to muck out
  • The bale weight may vary depending on the structure of the sawdust.
  • Consumption: 1.5–2 bales a week (3 bales will fill up a box of 3x3 square meters)

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YesBox Agricultural bedding

YesBox Agricultural bedding

  • Agricultural bedding is an extra fine bedding with only small particles and is screened to completely remove wood shavings.
  • Very good absorption.
  • Maintains good coverage in the box and reduces the risk of pressure sores
  • We have noted that users of agricultural bedding are extremely satisfied and love this type of bedding
  • Users of rubber mats in the box find that this type of bedding is better at maintaining coverage
  • Delivered in bales of 23–25 kg
  • Consumption: 1.5–2 bales a week. (3 bales will fill up a box of 3x3 square meters)

YesBox deLuxe

YesBox deLuxe

  • This variety is vacuumed and screened from small particles
  • These bales weigh a little less but are more voluminous
  • A coarser bedding
  • Used in animal clinics, for example, where it is important to be completely dust-free.
  • Ideally suited for poultry, where it is particularly important that the bedding does not pack together too tightly, which could lead to mildew and mold.
  • Gives an light and fluffy result
  • Consumption: 1.5–2 bales a week. (3 bales will fill up a box of 3x3 square meters)

YesBox Wood shaving pellets

YesBox Wood shaving pellets

  • Pelleted wood shavings
  • 16 kg/sack, 52 sacks per pallet
  • Gives a light and fresh bed
  • Easy to muck out and reduces the size of the manure pile
  • Similar to raw sawdust
  • This type of pellet has to be watered. Use about the same amount of water as the amount of pellets
  • May need to be watered regularly
  • About one sack per square meter will fill up a box
  • Needs to be topped-up with about 1–2 sacks a week per box
  • This variety saves money since the manure pile is not filled as quickly

YesBox Straw pellets and ground straw pellets

YesBox Straw pellets

  • Straw that is cut and ground to make pellets
  • Available in sacks of 13 kg/sack, about 65 sacks per pallet
  • Usually made of wheat or rape straw
  • Gives a soft and relatively dry bedding
  • Easy to muck out
  • Good absorption.
  • About one sack per square meter will fill up a box
  • Needs to be topped-up with about 1–2 sacks a week
  • Needs to be watered. May need to be watered regularly. The amount of water varies according to how dry you want the box to be
  • Straw pellets as manure can be spread straight on the fields
  • Also available as ground straw pellets, which are ideal for smaller horses

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» Show the film about Straw pellets and mucking out

YesBox Peat

YesBox Peat

  • 250–300 liters per bale
  • The volume of the bales varies due to the moisture in the bales
  • Suitable for most areas of use. Used in the same way as wood shavings
  • Consumption: 1.5–2 bales a week (3 bales will fill up a box of 3x3 square meters)
  • Peat in manure is perfect for soil improvement
  • Some users say that the stable becomes a little dark and dusty
  • Ideal for loose housing
  • Freezes easily if peat alone is used.
  • More expensive than wood shavings but could still be worth the price since it is cheaper in terms of manure management

YesBox Peat in a big pack

YesBox Peat in a big pack

  • Peat bedding in a big pack makes life easier
  • Each bale weighs 600 kg and contains approximately 2.5 m3
  • Perfect for loose housing
  • Reduces the risk of pressure sores
  • Dry-pressed directly in round bales
  • Stored outdoors

YesBox Peat mix

YesBox Peat mix

  • 250–300 liters per bale
  • The volume of the bales varies due to the moisture in the bales
  • The standard peat mix comprises a mix of peat and 20% wood shavings, but this can be varied to suit the customer’s needs
  • Ideal for those who like the characteristics of peat, but want a lighter bedding
  • Does not freeze as easily as pure peat
  • Ideal for those who want to facilitate manure management

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YesBox Riding school bedding

Riding school bedding

We also deliver sawdust to riding schools. Contact us for a special offer.

YesBox Fence posts

Fence posts

Our fence posts are made of Nordic pine that has grown slowly and has thus obtained the density that a good fence post should have. We impregnate the posts in our mill in Skutskär. We can therefore maintain environmental control over manufacturing.


Manure management

  • The regulations for manure management are becoming increasingly stringent.
  • The requirements for good manure management are particularly stringent in big cities, such as Stockholm.
  • It is important to choose bedding that makes manure management as easy, efficient and eco-friendly as possible
  • Various types of manure management require different types of bedding
  • It is important to always try to find the most eco-friendly solutions possible

What is important to bear in mind when you’re choosing bedding?

If you have any questions or thoughts concerning this, please contact us for advice and guidance. We produce all varieties of wood shavings ourselves at our facilities. Other products are produced by carefully selected suppliers.

Factors that should be considered when choosing bedding

  • Option of delivery
  • Storage site
  • Manure management
  • How you want the bedding to look
  • That it is easy to work with. It is usually the person holding the fork who influences the consumption of bedding
  • Type of stable and barn
  • Ventilation
  • Animal species
  • Contagion and hygiene
  • Financial considerations
  • Laws and regulations that govern various businesses, animal species and manure management, and that apply in different municipalities
  • The YesBox facility in Veddige is one of only a small number of plants to have SPF approval





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