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  • the truck can bring along its own forklift on delivery
  • loading YesBox Stable bedding

Delivery information

We deliver pallets of 8, 16-18, 30 or 46-48. To facilitate transport, we have the following requests:

  • You may mix our products into your delivery according to your wishes.

  • The vehicle requires a free height of 4.5 meters, a width of 3.5 meters, as well as a route that is free from obstacles. If necessary, the entrance and unloading site must be free from snow and be gritted.

  • Returnable pallets must be EUR pallets (B pallets) and be stacked to facilitate loading by the driver.

  • Delivery information outside the EU: Customs costs may be added, and the trucks can load 33–38 pallets. If you have additional questions concerning this, please call us.

  • All payment is against invoices with 30 days credit. Credit checks are performed on all new customers.

  • We provide notification ahead of delivery

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now applies

As a customer, your data will be filed in our customer register with the details that have been submitted for delivery and invoicing.

External trucking companies that we use have access to the details shown on the order forms. We have agreements with the companies to ensure that the details are not used for any purpose other than the actual delivery.

No details are used for sending advertisements or for forwarding to other companies for marketing purposes.

E-mails are saved if they contain tenders. If you want us to delete e-mails, contact us via or call +46 26 71689.




Jessica Backlund
Tel +46 26 71688
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Björn Axelsson
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Central/Northern Sweden

Oscar Englund
Tel +46 70 5879892
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Skutskärs Trä AB
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