YesBox Stallströ
  • Peat in a big pack
  • News clean your stable
  • superior dust-free peat bedding
  • News Agricultural bedding
YesBox Peat in a big pack

YesBox Peat in a big pack

  • Peat bedding in a big pack makes life easier
  • Each bale weighs 600 kg and contains about 2.5 m3
  • Perfect for loose housing
  • Reduces the risk of pressure sores
  • Dry-pressed directly in round bales
  • Stored outdoors

YesBox clean stables

Clean stables, fresh rugs, shiny hair coat

In cooperation with Sunda, we have developed a number of cleaning agents under the YesBox label. We have good experience of Sunda products and can now recommend them to you as a YesBox customer to make your stables a pure pleasure.

We will get back with more information about the various products and where you can buy YesBox detergent.





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