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  • the environment is important to us

Environment & Market

The regulations for manure management have been tightened. We want to help reduce the pressure on the environment around the stables. Stable manure is actually an asset that should be utilized.

We have entered into collaboration with one of the country’s largest companies in the heat and recycling industry. In the near future, we will be jointly presenting a proposal for the collection of stable manure mixed with stable bedding.

We would therefore like to have contact with any customers who would like bedding and manure to be recycled, or who quite simply think that it would feel good if they were put it to good use again.

E-mail or call us, and we will find solutions for responsible and efficient management of your stable manure.


It is important that plastic packaging is handled in an eco-friendly way. Our plastic can be delivered to approved recycling stations in Sweden and Norway. Our plastic has UV protection, which enables you to store your products outdoors. (Applies to sawdust and peat).

We have SPF approval for the Danish market.



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